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With the economy becoming more uncertain, no matter where in the world you live, and jobs getting harder to come by, finding ways to earn money online beomes more and more attractive, whether to just make a little extra each month, or to gradually replace your income.  However, there are offers all over the place, so you should be careful and selective how you spend your money and time.  It's a good idea to hone in on just a small few ways that appeal to you, and invest your time and money in those directions.  As alluring as many "systems" and "overnight riches" and "magic money" offers can seem, don't be in a hurry to buy too much too fast.  Having said that, you will need some tools to help you learn new skills, such as ebooks, videos, and audios, and some tools to help you set up and maintain your business, such as web hosting, software, resale products, (and licensing to resell them),  if you want to sell digital products, an autoresponder account if you want an email list, and so forth.

There are a number of legitimate ways to make money online besides internet marketing, though internet marketing is our focus here.  Some aspects of this include:

Internet Marketing bullet points
ADSENSE--If you have browsed the net much, you have probably seen those little text ads, with something like "Ads by Gooogle" in the ad area.  When you place the ads on your site, you make money each time a website visitor clicks one to get more information.  These are called Adsense ads.  (For the advertiser running the ads, they are called Google Adwords.)
Internet Marketing bullet points ADWORDS--The ads seen on websites, where you can advertise your product, service, or webpage.  They are also seen to the right, and sometimes the top, of the search results when you do a Google search.
Internet Marketing bullet points MASTER RESELL RIGHTS--Usually, this means you have a digital product you have purchased with a license that gives you the right to not only resell it to others, but pass on the right to resell to your customer.
Internet Marketing bullet points PLR or PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS--This usually refers to a digital product you have purchased with a license that lets you edit the source document (the word or notepad file, for instance), and in some cases claim authorship of the product.
Internet Marketing bullet points SEO--or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION--This is the art of presenting your website in such a way that when the search engines, such as google, visit your site, hopefully, they will place your site high up in the search results when people search using words that are about your website (like "golf swing", if you have a website about golf).
Internet Marketing bullet points NICHE MARKETING--The distinction should be made here--if you are marketing to other internet marketers, say, for instance, you are selling a book about SEO, you are marketing to the internet marketing niche.  If you have a set of ebooks or audios about improving your golf game, you are marketing to the golf niche.  You may find some of the non-internet marketing niches have less competition, though they may also have less demand.
Internet Marketing bullet points AFFILIATE MARKETING--If you help sell someone else's product, through your unique link, then generally you are an affiliate for that person or company, and would receive a commission for the sale.  A lot of new marketers (and experienced marketers) find this to be an attractive option, since you don't have to deal with creating your own digital products, or hosting files, or setting up files for download.

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